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Features of TallyPrime -

  • E-invoicing in TallyPrime -Generate, alter, cancel E-invoices directly from Tally.

  • Generate E-way Bill -Easy e-way bill generation directly from Tally.

  • Invoice optimisation -Avoid wastage of paper with optimisation of invoices.

  • Easy Navigation -‘Go To’ Search bar allows you to type name of any report or screen name and takes you there.

27th July 2021

Tally Prime Release 2.0

Here are some newly introduced features in Tally -
  • E-way Bill

    Generate E-way bill while creating entries in Tally itself. You have the option to generate a single e-way bill while creating an entry or you can generate bulk E-way bills by going to the Exchange Menu in Tally 

  • GSTIN / UIN and HSN / SAC validation

    Tally Prime 2.0 provides instant validation of GSTIN / UIN and HSN / SAC entered in Tally. This will ensure you do not enter any wrong details.

  • Save view of a report

    You can now save the view of a report i.e you can save the configurations of the report for future reference.

  • Better experience for report viewing on the browser

    The mobile view for viewing reports in Tally has been given a new delightful experience. While viewing reports in Tally, the report is automatically adjusted to fit your screen and thus you do not need to manually adjust the report.

5th May 2021

Tally Prime Release 1.1.4

Here are some newly introduced features in Tally -
  • You can now calculate TCS depending on your type of business practice - TCS on either realisation/receipt of the invoice or accrual. You can also switch from one method to the other in transactions and party ledgers.

  • There are some exemptions to the deduction of TDS. For example, some parties make TDS payments at the time of the current transaction itself. Such parties can be exempted from the TDS set TDS deduction while recording the transaction.

  • For government listed buyers, in Tally, you can set such parties as exempted from TCS and calculate the tax component as per appropriation.

  • You can now generate Form 27EQ for TCS.

  • Ledgers can now be made without the PAN details. You can check the list of buyers as well as update the required details in the party ledger.

  • You can now configure TCS in sales ledger or stock item this helps you set the TCS for a stock item and thus you do not need to update the TCS for every transaction.

  • In this version, the E-invoice Sandbox experience has been introduced. It will help you -

    • Get familiar with how e-invoicing works on the live IRP.

    • Create E-invoice and voucher simultaneously

    • Create, cancel, alter and get E-invoices in bulk

    • Experience e-Invoicing without any impact on your GST Returns.

All these Sandbox features can be experienced with an expired TSS or in Educational Mode

Other than these various product improvements have been done to improve user experience.

28th Dec 2020

Tally Prime Release 1.1.3

  • IFF filing is now supported in Tally by providing option for section-wise export of GSTR-1.

  • TallyPrime supports VAT for Oman. You can now enable VAT, set registration details, set tax rates, make duty masters, implement VAT in transaction details n TallyPrime for Oman VAT.

Product improvements -
  • Issue of Printing logo on simple invoice format has been resolved. In some options, logo was not being printed.

  • Change display settings to Bright or soft as desired.

  • The issue of transporter name not being printed in the E-way bill when generated from the portal has been solved.

  • In E-invoicing process, after verifying the e-invoice using the acknowledgement number, the product description was showing blank this issue has been resolved.

  • E-invoices were being rejected by the E-invoice system when UoMs with 4 decimal points were being rounded off for a few stock items. This also has been solved.

  • Issue of missing bill wise reports when printing the ledger voucher’s report in the condensed format has been resolved.

  • Appearance of Any@0% in sales transaction of TCS category has been solved. Even the rate printed in some cases was showing incorrect numbers. This also has been solved.

  • Bank reconciliation statement for Kotak Mahindra Bank, showed MAV error while using the ‘Reconcile all unlinked’ feature after import of a bank statement. This is resolved now.

  • Cheques can now be printed in vertical centre mode.

  • Voucher total have not been matching after saving a contra voucher from bank statement. This issue is solved now.

  • You can now export payment instructions file in encrypted format by uploading the files on Bank of Baroda portal.

  • E--payments for Yes Bank - You can select Delimited - Corporate Net Banking option along with fixed Width - Corporate Net Banking format in the E-payment configuratIon screen.